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When to go

Mid-May to mid-November is the dry and best season. It can rain heavily during the rest of the year. Downpours make jungle excursion walks mud-messy.

Untold truths

Don't raise your expectations too high about seeing a wealth of jungle animals. To survive, they hide in the thick rainforest growth. They see you, but not the other way around.

An Amazon cruise is not for everyone. The equatorial sun scorches, the high humidity zaps energy, and a billion insects are pesty. But if you are an adventure, nature-loving traveler, the Amazon will amaze and thrill you.

The "third" Amazon

Ecuador has eco-lodges on the Rio Napo, an Amazon River tributary. But there is no worth-mentioning cruise presence.

More insights

Local Amazon cruises typically last 3 to 7 days.

Shore excursions consist of both jungle boat rides up small tributary rivers and streams in motorized Zodiacs, skiffs, and canoes.

You also go on educational jungle walks and visit small native villages.

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