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Volga cruise definition

Volga cruises sail on Russia's largest waterway, which stretches from the Baltic Sea to the Black or Caspian Sea. It comprises a vast network of rivers (including the Volga) connected by lakes, canals, and locks.


The more a traveler is interested in history and cultures, the more he will relish a Volga cruise.

Volga cruise routes

There are two basic routes (each with a variety of itineraries offered by an array of cruise organizations). One route lies north, the other south of Moscow.

Between Moscow
and St Petersburg

Most popular and interesting route.

Between Moscow and
the Black or Caspian Sea

More time consuming and less exciting.

The remainder of this page focuses on the northern route.

Top 3 cruise ports of call

Select a Volga cruise itinerary that includes these three small, historic villages/towns:

Kizhi Island

Open-air architectural museum featuring a striking wooden cathedral


Transfiguration Cathedral and St Dmitry Church


St Elijah Church's frescoes and icons

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