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Kerala Backwater
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Kerala backwaters

They are a network of beautiful lakes, rivers, and canals stretching 900 kilometers (550 miles) down India's southwest tropical coast. The low-lying islands are populated with small riverbank villages and intensely green tropical vegetation.

Kerala's famous house boats

These long, wood-hulled cargo boats once transported rice and spices. They have been converted into luxury multi-bedroom cruise boats with thatched roofs. They come with a captain and cook and boast comfortably furnished living-room lounges with open sides for viewing the photogenic passing island scenes. The ambiance is serene.

When to go

Climate will influence your decision.

Best period is mid-November to mid-February. Heat, humidity, and rain are at their lowest points. Be aware: The two weeks before and after New Year's Day have the highest tourist counts.

Heavy tropical rains occur most from May through October. Expect peak monsoon rains in June and July - and peak heat and humidity in April and May.

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Kerala Backwaters
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