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Major cruise routes

You have a choice of two - Upper and Lower (see map above). Each route has its distinct qualities.

Upper Mekong cruise

Fewer visitors. More adventurous. Itinerary changes could occur because changing river conditions (such as shifting sandbars) - this could make navigation tricky. Exciting destinations include the Golden Triangle plus Vientiane and Luang Prabang cities in Laos.

Lower Mekong cruise

More tourists. Typical cruise boats are more comfortable. Seven-night cruises include Ho Ch Minh City (Saigon) in Vietnam and the attraction-rich Phnom Penh city and the celebrated Angkor Wat ruins in Cambodia.

What you'll see

A sampling of what makes a Mekong cruise special.

On shore excursions

Ancient temples adorned with elaborate stone carvings - Colorful floating markets - Local ethnic craft workshops.

From your boat's deck

The picturesque, ever-changing scene of lush tropical vegetation, passing Mekong boats, secluded riverbank villages, and fishermen and farmers at work.


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