Pergamon Acropolis

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Why the
Pergamon Acropolis
in Turkey is special

It was one of the most spectacular building complexes in the Hellenistic period.

Top 4
Pergamon Acropolis
historic ruins

Great Altar of Zeus

In the 1870s, German archaeologist Karl Humann shipped the Great Altar's prized section (which contained the famous friezes) to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Turkey wants it returned.


This 10,000-spectator amphitheatre is the steepest ever constructed (see photo).

Sanctuary of Trajan

Its size and high location helped it visually dominate the entire complex.


Mark Anthony gave ownership of it to Cleopatra as a gift. The library contained a magnificent collection of ancient-world documents.

Other historic attractions

Beyond the Acropolis boundaries are two other outstanding Pergamon sites:


Sanctuary of Asklepion

It's dedicated to the god of healing and was a major medical center.

Serapis Temple

This Egyptian god temple is nicknamed the "Red Basilica" because of its red bricks and its conversion to a church.

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How to pronounce

Pergamon = purr-guh-mun

Not for every tourist

Unless you like history, this site might not be for you. Except for the theatre, the major ruins are not well-preserved.

Location in Turkey

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Pergamon ruins photo by Travel-Turkey - CC BY 2.0


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