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Chichen Itza
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Climbing prohibited in 2006

Tourists are no longer allowed to climb the steep steps to the top of El Castillo for the spectacular view of the Chichen Itza complex.

This rule was implemented in March 2006 because the ruins are deteriorating. Another reason is it that the steep and narrow steps are hazardous - and have scared the daylights out of many tourists who looked down the 365 precipitous steps after scaling the monument.

At night

You can attend a narrated Light & Sound presentation in the evening.

Recommended length of stay

Most tourists are daytrippers from the Cancun resort on the Caribbean coast. It's about two to three hours away by road. Swarms of them arrive in cars, vans and buses after 10 a.m. and depart before 3 p.m.

I recommend staying overnight in one of the local hotels so you can enjoy Chichen Itza when it is uncrowded and not uncomfortably hot and humid. Begin your explorations in the late afternoon and finish them in the early morning.

Serious sightseers may want to stay two nights because there is a lot to discover.

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