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Cuisine handicaps

Why isn't Philippine cuisine as popular around the world as Thai and Vietnamese cuisines? Answer: It lacks the visual appeal and variety of seasonings enjoyed in Thai and Vietnamese food preparations.


Philippine dishes often lack the on-the-plate wow factor. The food is usually not enticingly presented and an excessive number of entrees are brownish.


There tends to be too much sameness in seasonings among Philippine dishes. And the dishes, though commendably tasty, are seldom refined and subtle.

The three key tastes

The three long-established tastes that most distinguish Philippine cuisine are the liberal use of salt, vinegar and garlic.

The fourth taste

In the last half century, a fourth taste has emerged: sweetness. Today sugar is used convincingly in a broad array of traditionally non-sweet preparations, including ground meat.


The Philippines has an archipelago with 7,017 islands. Consequently, fish and shellfish play a major role in the national diet.

Turo Turos

Food in most eateries is not served table-service style. Rather, it is displayed on steam tables in turo turo ("point point") or cafeteria establishments.

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