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Rome can be uncomfortably hot and humid in the summer. Dress accordingly. However, if you're going to St Peter's Basilica, don't wear clothing that exposes your shoulders, midriff, or above-the-knee legs. You may be turned away.

One-day itinerary limitation

Don't attempt to see too many attractions in a day. The experience would be hectic and superficial. If time is short, I suggest you at least visit the Coliseum and St. Peter's. Alternatively, concentrate on either the ancient Roman ruins (Coliseum and Roman Forum) or the Vatican (museums and St Peter's).

Vatican Museums

The Sistine Chapel is by far the Vatican Museums' brightest star. But also appreciate the world-superlative artistic treasures in the galleries before you reach the Sistine Chapel. Note: The Vatican Museums close on Mondays and various church holidays


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