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Copper Canyon

Stay over?

Most tourists don't. They take the train straight through. Their only off-train canyon viewing opportunity is in Divisadero and lasts for only 20 rushed minutes.

Some tourists broaden their Copper Canyon trip by staying over in Divisadero (which has several nice cliff-hugging hotels) or Creel (which doesn't). The next day the visitors continue on to Chihuahua or backtrack to Los Mochis.

Other tourists spend several or more days en route so they can trek or horseback down into Copper Canyon.

Divisadero or Creel?

I recommend Divisadero over its tourism rival Creel for an overnighter because the latter lacks spectacular canyon views. However, if you have ample trip time and want a wider choice of excursion opportunities, Creel may be your better bet.

Tarahumara culture

You can also learn about the interesting culture of the indigenous Tarahumara (Raramuri) people by visiting their small communities.

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