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Anguilla (ahn-gweel'-lah) has become one of the Caribbean's chicest islands.

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Anguilla attracts the rich and famous including
movie stars because of its laid-back atmosphere. You won't find casinos and Las
Vegas style nightclubs here.

Main activity

It's "beach resorting". Some guests come to relax and sunbathe, others to snorkel, sail, and fish. Anguilla's two best resorts? They are

Cap Juluca



Anquilla has many desirable white-sand beaches. Shoal Bay East is the finest and is flanked by coral reefs. It's a good place to snorkel.

Aguilla dining

This destination has some outstanding chefs and restaurants. Fresh local seafood is the star.

Getting there

Nearly all visitors either fly in from St Martin/St Maarten or take a ferry from that nearby island.

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