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St Lucia (pronounced loo'-shuh) is the home of the picturesque twin Piton volcano cones. It is also a leading honeymoon destination.

Top 2 St Lucia
tourist attractions

The Gros and Petit Pitons

These are the icon of St. Lucia (see photo above). These twin volcano cones majestically soar 786 meters (half mile) out of the turquoise sea. You can climb Gros Piton, the taller of the two. Climbing the Petit Piton is illegal.

Pigeon Island

You'll find the historic ruins of Fort Rodney on this rock-solid peninsula. It was an island before a causeway was built in the 1970s to connect it to the mainland.


This is the capital city and offers little of interest to travelers except shopping, accommodations, and its cruise port of call.


Prime location

Nearly all the resorts are located along St Lucia's Caribbean side (northwest coast). Reason: The land is flatter, the beaches broader, the seas calmer, and the wind softer than along the Atlantic side.


St Lucia has many fine resorts - and honeymooners make up a fair share of their guests.

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