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Why the
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The Cayman Islands has one of the world's greatest dive sites. It also offers outstanding fishing. And, it is one of the world's major international banking centers.

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The islands

The Cayman Island comprises three islands:

Grand Cayman

Little Cayman

Cayman Brac

Grand Cayman Island

This is by far the biggest and most populated, touristed, and commercially developed island.

Stingray City is the Cayman Islands' most famous attraction. You snorkel among hundreds of Stingrays. They are not afraid of you and there's no need to be that of them. You can even feed them out of your hand.

You'll find most of the beachfront resorts and atmospheric restaurants on the white-sand Seven Mile Beach.

George Town is the capital and economic center of the Cayman Islands. It can seem hectic to tranquility seekers, especially when cruise ships unload bargain-hunting shoppers.

Little Cayman Island

It has the Bloody Bay Wall, one of the world's greatest dive sites. It's on the upper part of the extremely deep Cayman Trench. Little Cayman also has an amazingly large iguana population.

Cayman Brac Island

It's the most laid back of the islands. Divers travel to Cayman Brac to explore the well-known Captain Tibbets shipwreck.

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