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Why the
British Virgin Islands
are special

The British Virgin Islands (nicknamed BVI) is celebrated for its sailing, fishing and beaches - and for its exclusive Virgin Gorda Island.

The 3 most popular
British Virgin Islands

Among its several dozen (mostly uninhabited)
islands, three are the most popular with visitors:

Virgin Gorda
Jost Van Dyke

Virgin Gorda

It's has been popular with the rich, famous and powerful for a long time.

The elite includes Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of Virgin Airlines. He has his own small private island, Necker, which he rents out when he's not using it. Necker Island is the Caribbean's most exclusive and expensive resort.  Update: In August 2011, a lightning strike burnt down the main complex. It will be rebuilt.

Little Dix Bay is another superlative resort.

Virgin Gorda as a whole has a well-developed tourism infrastructure of outstanding resorts, villas and restaurants - and a ritzy yacht haven.

The Bath is the best Virgin Gorda (and some say BVI's) best attraction. It comprises a collection of colossal, smooth rock boulders standing along the shore. It's fun to squeeze between them on foot or by snorkeling.

Virgin Gorda means "fat virgin" in Spanish.


This is the most populated British Virgin Island. Its also home to the nation's capital, Road Town. Although Tortola has less cache and overall appeal than Virgin Gorda, it has two satellite islands sporting luxury resorts: Guana Island and Peter Island.

Jost Van Dyke

This small and quiet island is known for its pristine white-sand beaches. It was named for a Dutch pirate who used the island as his base. The first name is pronounced "yost" (rhymes with "toast").

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