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The modestly touristed nation of Antigua (ahn-tee'-gah) and Barbuda (bahr-boo'-dah) has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. And you could visit a different beach on each day of the year and not repeat yourself.

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What to see

Except for Antigua's beaches and resorts, there is not much to excite you on the island. The one big exception is the interesting Nelson's Dockyard. This restored complex was Admiral Nelson's 18th century naval base.


Most reside in the island's northwest and range from modest to high-end. Runaway Bay is one of the popular resort locations.


Antigua is about 50% larger than Barbuda and measures 22 kilometers (14 miles) in length and 18 kilometers (11 miles) in width.


It is far less populated, touristed and developed than its sister Antigua. The island appeals to seclusion seekers. Ditto for birders (it has a large colony of frigatebirds) and divers (many submerged shipwrecks repose in this nautical graveyard).


This is the country's third island. Redonda is tiny and uninhabited, and makes an interesting day exploration trip from Antigua.


These islands were once a British colony and the cultural influence is evident today.

Currency and language

The Eastern Caribbean dollar is the official
currency and English is the official language.

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