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Bonaire is one of the most eco-friendly islands in the Caribbean. And, its diving sites are among the very best.

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An ABC island

Bonaire is one of the three islands comprising the unofficial "ABC" island group, Aruba and Curacao are the other two islands. The three islands belong to the Netherlands Antilles and form a line on an undersea ridge, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Venezuela.


Bonaire's ring of coral reefs lies relatively near the shore, making its outstanding diving sites easily accessible.  Snorkeling, too, wins praises from enthusiasts world wide.


This is where Bonaire falls short of most of the other Caribbean islands. You won't see the postcard-perfect variety.

Below the hurricane belt

Bonaire escapes the wrath of nearly all the hurricanes because it is situated south of their traditional paths. However, the penalty for this good fortune is a relatively dry landscape, sometimes dotted with cacti.

National Park

The wildlife sanctuary Washington-Skagbaai NP occupies 20% of Bonaire. It's a birder's delight.


Bonaire is famous for its flamingo population. They reside in both the north and south.

Bonaire Museum

This highly regarded museum displays cultural

Capital city

Kralendijk (pronounced krawl-ihn-dyke) is an unremarkable destination except for its annual carnival. Kralendijk's centralized location puts the northern and southern tips of this small island within easy reach.

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