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Why Haiti
is special

While Haiti is a troubled nation, it has many beguiling tourism facets.

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Troubled nation

Several nations have warned their citizens not to visit Haiti because of entrenched crime and political instability.

The safe north coast

The area near Haiti's second largest city, Cap Haitian, is safe enough for major cruise ships to confidently schedule land excursions. The area's top three tourist attractions are:

Citadel La Ferriere

The ruins of the massive fortress are perched high on a mountain. Visitors enjoy the sweeping view from its ramparts.

San Souci

This royal palace sits at the base of the mountain supporting the Citadal La Ferriere. The structure is in ruins but interesting.

Labadee Beach

Cruise ships tender their passengers to the attractive stretch of white sand for a daytime beach party, complete with barbecuing, sunbathing, and snorkeling. Some cruise ships offer the option of making a quick excursion to the Citadel la Feriere and Sans Souci.


Haiti's capital city has serious safety issues. Foreign visitors run the risk of being a crime victim. Travelers who elect to go do so to experience Port-au-Prince's stimulating music, art, and lifestyle - and to learn more about Haiti's voodoo religion.


Haiti occupies the western third of the large Caribbean island of Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic has the remaining eastern two thirds.

Haiti tourism

Unfortunately for Haiti, its negative internal issues significantly decrease its share of the Caribbean tourism dollar. So have devastating hurricanes and the deadly 2010 earthquake. I'm confident that tourism will sometime return to its former high levels. Haiti has too much to offer for it not to happen.

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