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Puerto Rico is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. The leading draws are Old San Juan, nearby El Morro, and beachfront resorts.

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Old San Juan

The walled historic zone of Old San Juan occupies only a seven-square-block area. You wander down narrow cobblestone streets lined with colonial buildings, fine restaurants, lively nightspots, and tourist-oriented shops.

El Morro Fortress

This massive, thick-walled fort is the photo icon of Puerto Rico. El Morro and a companion fort have guarded San Juan and its harbor for centuries.

El Yunque

This national rainforest park is only an hour's drive from San Juan.


Advanced surfers gravitate to Rincon to ride its majestic waves. The lifestyle is laid back.

Viequez Island

This satellite island lies just off Puerto Rico's eastern coastline. Be sure to swim at night in its Bioluminescent Bay to experience nature's amazing phosphorescent lightshow. The glow surrounds your body. (Update: Recently, the brightness ceased. No one knows for sure why. Hope the problem is short lived.).

Arecibo Radio Telescope

Its receiver dish measures 305 meters (1,000 feet) in diameter - and scans the heavens for possible radio signals from distant planets.

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