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The typical small yacht is relatively slow. So traveling between islands may take you much longer than you would like.


Some small yachts are not air-conditioned. This can be uncomfortable during the hot months of January to May.


Some yachts have such small Zodiacs that they must make two ferrying trips to land a single shore excursion group.


You risk being trapped in a small boat with strangers who rub you the wrong way for an entire week without any chance of escaping them. On a spacious cruise ship, you can physically avoid such cruisemates.


Chances are you won't have one of the top-rated naturalists (the luxury cruise ships hire them). This means your naturalist's English may not be good enough for you to clearly understand him all the time.


And some crew members may not speak English (or, at least, not sufficiently).


If you have an educated palate, the meals may seem boring, not stimulating.

Noise and vibrations

Most Galapagos boats travel between islands at night. Because cabins on small vessels are usually close to the engines, the noise and vibrations could disrupt your sleep, which your body craves after actively hiking and snorkeling during the day.


You may not be able to visit the acclaimed western Galapagos Islands of Isabela and Fernandina because they will likely be beyond the range of your small yacht. (On the other hand, small yachts can visit some small sites where larger ships cannot go.)

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