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Each day is busy

The daily schedule is more or less the same for nearly every 8-day (7-night) cruise ship and yacht.


After an early breakfast, a Zodiac ferries you to a new landing site for a naturalist-guided walk or hike.


You return in time for lunch. Afterwards, you have ample time to nap, sunbathe on the deck, catch up on your reading, edit your digital photos, chat with friends, whatever. Meanwhile, your boat is sailing to your next landing site (on the same island or a new one).


You experience another Zodiac excursion adventure. This is often followed with swimming, snorkeling, or if you wish, a direct ride back to the ship.


It's cocktail and socializing time. Then it's dinner, followed or preceded by the daily briefing that describes tomorrow's landing sites. After that, some cruisers go directly to bed exhausted, others stay up and party.

Is the schedule too
active and challenging?

No, not to the vast majority of visitors. They come to experience the Galapagos Islands. They want to maximize their Galapagos adventure. They know that this will likely be their first and last time in the Galapagos Islands.

However, if you're not up to schedule mentally or physically, remember that participation in each activity is optional (except for evening briefings and the one-time lifeboat drill).

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