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Travel and
medical insurance

Don't leave home without trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance. Ditto for medical insurance that fully covers you in Ecuador. The policy should also cover emergency evacuations. That's critical because the Galapagos Islands have no full-service hospital and emergency evacuation to the South American mainland is painfully expensive.

Not considering
the child factor

Child-free cruising

Should you desire a child-free boat cruise, think twice about going during the high seasons of the Galapagos Islands. That's when parents usually take their children because school vacation periods normally coincide with the high seasons.

Family cruising

On the other hand, should you be taking your children and want them to be with other children, your best bet is to travel during the high seasons - and to book a cruise that lists itself as a family cruise.

Age restrictions

Except in rare cases, children under 7 are not allowed to visit the Galapagos Island sites. Neither are those under 16 unless accompanied by an adult.


Some cruise boats have kayaks for their passengers. Often you have to share the available time with other guests. But a few small vessels are so kayak-focused that they have onboard enough kayaks for everyone.

Official organizations

The Charles Darwin Foundation promotes environmental conservation and biodiversity in the Galapagos Islands through its main arm, the Darwin Research Center. The IGTOA is a nonprofit association of Galapagos travel and conservation organizations. UNESCO named the Galapagos Islands as a World Heritage site.

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