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About naturalists

They are university graduates and
have completed a comprehensive training course conducted by the Galapagos
National Park Service. Unlike typical bus tour guides, naturalists have a love
for and a deep knowledge of their subject - and they share it with you
enthusiastically, not rotely.

The three official grades of naturalists are I, II and III. The first has the least qualifications and experience and works on the lower quality boats. The third is the most proficient. He or she works on the higher quality boats.

The difference between being
guided by a top-grade naturalist and one who has not yet made that grade makes a profound difference in your Galapagos experience, understanding, and take-home knowledge. So be sure to inquire about the level of the naturalist(s) that will be on the boat before you book.


It's easy to get sunburned because the sun is directly overhead. This means there is less atmosphere to filter out the damaging rays. Use a high-factor sun screen. Wear a wide-brimmed hat or a long-billed cap. If the latter doesn't have a neck flap, wear a cotton neck scarf.


A Galapagos cruise is not smoker friendly. Onboard, you can smoke only in designated outdoor decks. And you cannot smoke on a Zodiac or at a visitors site

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