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Sea Lions

These mammals are swift, nimble swimmers, allowing them to catch fish and escape sharks with relative ease.

Sea lions are also playful and social. Many love body-surfing on beach waves with their companions. And inquisitive young sea lions eagerly mingle with snorkelers and divers.

Sea lions spend most of their time lazing on sandy beaches and rocky shores.

Life span is about 20 years.

Mature males can weigh over 250
kilograms (550 pounds).

Nearly all.


Sally lightfoot crab

They captivate photographers because their bright red-and-yellow-hued shell vividly contrasts against the stark black-lava rock along the tidal shorelines (see photo on
Page One).

They gained their "lightfoot" moniker because they briefly scamper on water to escape predators.

Sally lightfoot crabs are scavengers as well as algae eaters.

Throughout the Galapagos.

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