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The tips below are specifically for honeymooners. For general cruise tips that apply to lovers in general, read the Mistakes Romantic Cruisers Make web page in my Romantic Cruise section.

Inform the staff

Be sure the ship's hotel director and cruise director know you are on your honeymoon. Don't assume they know. And even if they do, the act of your personally telling them reinforces your status in their minds. Also discreetly share the news with your cabin attendant, waiters, bartenders, and other staffers. This increases service quality because it builds a stronger, more personalized bond between you and them.

Pre- and post-cruise stays

Some newlyweds spend a couple of days or so at a resort near the ship's embarkation or debarkation port. It's a good idea because it enhances the honeymoon experience. The pre-cruise option makes the most sense because it it provides insurance against a flight delay,  cancellation, or misconnection.


If your marriage is going to change your last name but your passport and driver's license currently bear your maiden name, be aware of a potential pitfall. The name disparity could create a serious problem for you at the airport check-in counters and security gates (it's possible they won't let you board the plane). That's why it's wise to bring your marriage certificate and to have your airline ticket in your maiden name. And sometimes it's smart do the same for your cruise documents.



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