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Top 5 romantic
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Paul Gauguin

It specializes in French Polynesia and is the world's most romantic cruise ship, partially because of its dreamy itineraries. This modishly designed ship accommodates 330 guests. Paul Gauguin ship to read my online guide. Paul Gauguin Cruises for the line's website.


Sea Cloud

This classy 64-passenger windjammer was a private yacht dating back to 1930s. The wind-filled sails are stunning as is socialite Marjorie Post's Louis XIV style furnished suite. The Silver Cloud visits the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Sea Cloud for the line's website.


SeaDream I & II

These twin, boutique-sized luxury ships carry just 112 passengers each and can best be described as cruise yachts. Their itineraries cover the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Sea Dream II to view my 10-page online guide. Sea Dream Yacht Club for the line's site.


Silver Shadow & Whisper

Both these sister luxury ships carry 382 passengers and sail to many world destinations. Ambiance is spiffy and the service and dining are excellent. Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper to read my 10-page online guides on those cruise ships. Click Silversea Cruises for the line's website.


Wind Surf

This five-masted sailing yacht carries 312 guests. It boasts many amenities, including multiple dining options and two small swimming pools. Offers Med and Carib sailings. Windstar Cruises for the line's website.



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