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Introduction to Ngala

Three venues

Ngala has two camps and one lodge. I stayed in all three. Click the buttons below to view my text-and-photo web pages on them:

Tented Safari Camp
Walking Safaris Camp
Safari Lodge

Actually in
Kruger National Park

Unlike most Kruger-associated private game reserves, Ngala doesn't merely border Kruger National Park, it's part of it.

However, Ngala is off limits to non-Ngala guests. One cannot enter or set foot in it simply because he paid the Kruger National Park fee.

Noted for leopards

Ngala is a fine locale for spotting leopards. Reason: That animal survives best in a dense-vegetation landscape, which characterizes Ngala.

Other game animals

Ngala also has the other four Big 5 animals: lions, elephants, rhinos, and buffalo. But don't expect to see many cheetahs. They are scarce here because they are more successful hunters in an open savannah-type than in a bushy landscape.

The name

Ngala means "lion" in Shangaan. It was so named because Ngala is renowned for its lions.

Learn about Ngala's
camps and lodges

Walking Safaris Camp
Tented Safari Camp
Safari Lodge

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Tented Safari Camp
Walking Safaris Camp
Safari Lodge


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Walking Safari Camp
Rock Lodge
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