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Cape buffaloCheetah


Cape Buffalo

Don't let its resemblance to the water buffalo that pulls plows fool you. These wild-and-grumpy members of the Big 5 are bigger and stronger than those distant relatives.


It is the world's fastest animal. Cheetahs can accelerate from a dead start to 100 kph (60 mph) in seconds. However, they lack stamina.

Unlike lions, cheetahs are daylight predators and hunt best in relatively open spaces, not dense bushscapes, which would slow them down.

Centuries ago, people trained cheetahs to find and catch prey.


The African elephant is the biggest animal on land and is noticeably larger than its Asian counterpart.

If you threaten or otherwise disturb these gentle vegetarians, they become unpredictable and quite dangerous.

Their trunks are strong enough to knock out a lion with a single swing (yet delicate enough to pick up a peanut).

Elephants are intelligent, have good memories, and enjoy a highly developed social structure built on deep emotional bonds with fellow herd members.

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