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Tubbataha Reef
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Dive boats

You take a live-aboard dive boat. Usually, the tour is 5 nights and 6 days. You normally need to book months, if not years ahead. Dive boats and berths are limited and demand is high.

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Tubbataha Reef consists of two small, flat, sandy, modest-sized lagooned atolls. Most of the land is submerged at high tide.

These atolls have no harbors or docks – and anchoring is forbidden (to protect the reef). All boats must use designated moorings away from the shore.

Swells and winds sometimes disturbingly rock smaller live-aboards – so it's wise to book one of the larger, broader-beamed vessels.

Recent history

Prior to 1988 when Tubbataha Reef became a government-protected marine park, the corals were severely scarred by dynamite, cyanide and other destructive fishing techniques. Today, this underwater wonderland has nearly recovered to its former glory.

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