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Main lounge

It is popular for pre- and post-dinner socializing over cocktails with cruisemates. It usually features a nightly pianist-singer.

Second lounge

During the morning, it's quiet and perfect for snuggling up with a book. Later, it features afternoon tea. At night, it becomes a relaxing cocktail lounge.

Pool bar

It's a good place to hang out and meet new friends. Grab a bar stool or sit at one of the alfresco ocean-view tables.


Don't expect lavish shows

This is an Antarctica, not a Caribbean sailing. Its focus is nature, not entertainment. As a cruise director told me tongue-in-cheek, "Our cruise has no girls with feathers. We give you real birds with feathers."


You won't be entertainment starved. Ships typically have a nightly pianist-singer and a small combo for listening and dancing. And there is a crew stage show one night.

Other dining/lounge pointers

The ship has open seating (dine when, where, with whom you choose).

Vegetarian and special-diet dishes are available.

Wine (except premiums) and bar drinks are gratis throughout the ship.

Servers circulate in the lounges with between-meal and post-dinner snacks.

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