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Enjoy the changing scenery

Each hour of cruising brings into view new spectacular Antarctica Peninsula vistas. See and photograph them from the deck, cabin, and dining table.

Watch a good movie
in the theatre

Current and classic films plus Antarctica-related documentaries are shown in the comfortable theatre.

Watch it by yourself

You can enjoy the movies in your cabin, thanks to a closed-circuit TV system. And, the reception desk will lend you flicks for your cabin's DVD player.

Play bridge

Luxury Antarctica cruise ships have comfortable card rooms.

Tour the bridge

Learn how the captain and his staff navigate the ship with the trained naked eye and high-tech electronics.

Pamper yourself

Drop by the beauty salon for massages, sauna, facials, manicures, pedicures and hairstyling.

Fitness room

Work out in the fitness room with a treadmill, weights, exercise bike, and more.

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