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Penguin watching is a major activity on an Antarctica cruise. I created the graphic below to help you quickly identify seven major species.

Insights on the
above penguins


These cute penguins are the sentimental favorite of most tourists. They wear a "helmet strap" and innocent expression. The Chinstrap penguins have a large population and favor the South Shetland Islands, which most cruise ships visit.


You will see this coral-orange beaked penguin on the Antarctica Peninsula and South Georgia Island, and in other areas. The penguins in the box-office hit "Happy Feet" animated film are closely modeled after the Gentoos.


This white-circled-eye penguin bursts with curiosity, to the delight of visitors. The population is large. Some colonies number 100,000 birds.


They are aptly named - the birds hop from rock to rock when climbing steep slopes to reach their high cliff nests. You'll see them in the Falkland Islands.

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Macaroni, Emperor, and King
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