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Although you do not need a passport for Antarctica (no country owns it), you will for Argentina and Chile to pass through their immigration stations.

5-meter rule

IAATO prohibits visitors from coming with 5 meters (about 15 feet) of the wildlife. However, it's okay if the creature comes to you, if you don't alter its behavior by - for example - flash-photographing, gesturing to it, or otherwise interacting with it.


The stench of Penguin guano (droppings) increases as the temperature rises. Most visitors find it bearable and certainly less repulsive than the smell of a human outhouse.

Photo tip

Lower your camera's exposure setting on bright, sunny days in Antarctica. Otherwise, the vast, overwhelmingly white vista of icebergs, glaciers and mountains would cause those objects to lose textural contrast.

Motion sickness

To be effective, a seasick pill should be taken (or a patch put on) at least an hour before the sea becomes rough. Ship captains usually give advance notices.

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