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The lecturers and naturalists
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The team

No question. Luxury Antarctica cruise ships have the best enrichment teams.


Each specialist is chosen for his or her knowledge, credentials, and passion for the


Antarctica experts visually enhance their lectures and presentations with slides, videos, PowerPoint, and more.


There are a dozen onboard (a large number for an Antarctica cruise ship). This helps you learn the Antarctica basics in a variety of fields including biology, ecology, geology and history.

On-deck presence

They often go on deck to share hundreds of interesting facts and insights with you (see bottom photo above). They also eagerly answer your questions.

You learn, for instance, why the graceful bird species flying over you (top photo) is the legendary Wandering Albatross, the holder of the world's record for broadest wing span: 3.5 meters or nearly 12 feet. They also teach you how to identify the passing whales.

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