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See page two to learn about icebergs and their descendents.

Ice field

A huge, flat sheet of ice floating on the sea. It's called an ice floe if smaller than 10 kilometers (6 miles) or so in length.

Pack ice

Floating ice units that have been "packed together" into a single entity by wind and currents.

Pancake ice

Thin, small, disc-shaped, tightly grouped floating ice layers. They became circular by the erosive force of repeatedly bumping into each other.

Rotten ice

Ice that has become fragile, easily breakable because of its age.

Tabular iceberg

A massive tabletop iceberg. Some measure over 50 kilometers (30 miles) or more in length. You see them in abundance when you sail through the Antarctica Sound, which is aptly nicknamed "Iceberg Alley".

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