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Polar parka

It must be water resistant because Zodiac rides can be splashy. For safety reasons, it must be a bright color (red in most cases). Note: Some ships give you one free. You get to take it home.

Woolen or fleece sweater

Don either a turtleneck sweater or a crew neck one supplemented by a neck gaiter (it works better than a scarf). For extremely cold days, you might wish to wear a thin sleeveless sweater underneath your bulkier sweater.

Thermal underwear

Wear it directly over your skin. Get both tops and bottoms. Bring 2 pairs*.


Put them on over your thermal underwear. Wool or corduroy are good bets. Pack 2 pairs*.

Waterproofed outer pants

Wear them over trousers. Good grade ski pants will do.

Thermal socks

Pull them on over your bare feet. Bring 2 pairs*.

Woolen socks

Choose heavy and (preferably) full-length ones. Wear them over your thermal socks. Take 2 pairs*.

Rubber winter boots

The preferred choice is knee-high Wellingtons. They are essential for an Antarctica cruise because you make wet landings. Most Antarctica cruise ships lend you a pair of Wellies for the duration of the cruise.

Winter gloves

Ski gloves work. The main point is your gloves should be well-lined and have water-resistant exteriors. Also bring a regular pair of warm gloves for casual deck use. They will also serve you as a backup should your Zodiac pair get soaked.

Winter hat

It can be a wool or fleece ski cap that can be pulled down over your ears. Alternatively, wear a winter hunter's cap with ear flaps. Also pack a long-billed baseball cap for shading your face during deck barbecues.

Polaroid sunglasses

Antarctica snow and ice are glaring - and ultra-violet rays are intense, so wear sunglasses with large polarized lenses. They should provide UV protection and cover the complete eye area. Wrap-around sunglasses are best because they protect your eyes from the low-angled Antarctica sunlight.

Swim suit

Pack one if you plan to swim in the thermal-warmed waters in Deception Island - or in the ship's pool (yes, some people do it).


    * In case one gets wet

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