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Advantages of
a large ship over a
small or midsize one

Sea passage

You will have a smoother sail. This is important (especially to the seasick-prone) because the Drake Passage between South America and Antarctica is notorious for its turbulence. Moreover, it takes the average ship about two days to cross it. A large ship gets tossed around less and, because of its greater speed, spends less time on the Drake Passage.

Sense of safety

Larger ships give passengers a greater sense of being safe on the high seas. This is not necessarily valid, but it does provide a psychological benefit.

Public space size

Passengers feel less confined because public spaces are larger.

Cabin size

The typical cabin is larger.

Onboard entertainment

There is a wider variety of shipboard activities.


The average cost per passenger is usually lower (but this is not the same as value, which takes into account factors like the adventures you will experience).

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