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This bearded creature belongs to the antelope family.

Wildebeests, along with zebras, are the leading participants in the annual Serengeti Migration.

During this trek, lions prey on them, but their most harrowing moment is when they cross the crocodile-infested Grumeti River.


It is related to the horse and almost as fast.

Zebras have black stripes on a white skin, not the opposite.

The stripes help confuse chasing predators and biting insects.

Each zebra has a distinct pattern.

Zebras are a favorite food of the large predators.

Collective nouns

The noun "herd" is linguistically correct for some but not all safari species.

No need to worry, though. Go ahead and say "herd" when it sounds right to you.

But if you are a purist, learn these:

Coalition of cheetahs

Bloat of hippos

Cackle of hyenas

Leap of leopards

Pride of lions

Parliament of owls

Crash of rhinos

Pack of wild dogs

Dazzle of zebras

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