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A male can weigh 200 kilograms (450 pounds) or more.

Lions can eat 25% of their bodyweight during a meal.

You cannot outrun lions - they sprint up to 55 kph (35 mph).

They do most of their hunting nocturnally (they have splendid night vision).

They do most of their hunting nocturnally (they have splendid night vision).

The females of pride do the hunting and killing. The male's chief roles are to father the cubs and guard the territory. His dining reward is eating first (as females patiently observe from a polite distance).


Despite its bulk,  a rhino can speedily charge you - and will if he thinks you are a menace.

Rhinos can easily knock over a full safari vehicle.

Rhinos make up for their poor vision with decent hearing and a sharp sense of smell.

The black rhino is smaller than a white rhino. It's also more endangered.

Wild dog

You won't find wild dogs back home. They hunt and kill in packs.

Sometimes they get their fill by driving lions and other predators away from their fresh kills.

But they are not total scavengers. They also hunt and kill.

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