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This long-necked mammal is the world's tallest.

Newborn giraffes are 2 meters (6 feet) high.

To drink, a giraffe must lower its shoulders by splaying its front legs.

To fight, it kicks out its lethal sharp-hoofed rear legs.


It's a herbivore.

Hippos eat on land, but spend most of their time in water to cool their bodies and reduce the heavy weight load on their feet.

Hippos can stay submerged for about 5 minutes.

They live in groups.

Take hippos seriously. They will attack if angered.


It is the four-legged pest in the world of safaris.

Hyenas usually travel in packs and relish scaring a lion, leopard or cheetah away from its kill.

They also do their own hunting and killing.


It is easily the most beautiful and graceful of the Big 5 - and is the hardest to find.

After making a kill, a leopard drags the carcass up a tree to keep hyenas and other creatures from stealing the meat.

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