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Rate Seasons

Above is a rough guide to seasonal rate periods for many lodges and camps, including those in Ngala, Phinda and Kirkman's Kamp.

Booking pointers

Rather than staying one or two weeks in a single lodge, I recommend reserving 2 to 4 days in a variety of them - this broadens your experience.

Friday and Saturday nights have the highest demand because many South Africans come for weekend getaways.

Reservations are also tight on South African school holidays, including during the extended Christmas period.

Tipping guidelines

I asked two managers what would be considered normal gratuities. They gave me these per-couple per-day guidelines:

Ranger = 120 Rands ($17)
Tracker = 60 Rands ($9)
Butler (if any) = 60 Rands ($9)
Staff in general = 60 Rands ($9)

Tip the ranger, tracker, and butler individually. Give the staff tip to the manager, who will distribute it.

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