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Open safari vehicles

In Kenya and Tanzania, virtually all safari vehicles have fixed roofs. In contrast, those used by luxury lodges in Kruger private reserves are completely topless. This gives you more of an up close and personal experience with the wildlife.

Where to sit
in a safari vehicle

There are three passenger rows. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Lower row

It is just behind the commentating ranger. And, it is the easiest to get into and out of. However, your view is less elevated than those in the other two rows.

Upper row

It's better for seeing over tall grass. But it is more difficult to climb in and out of than the lower row.

Middle row

It is a good compromise for listening to the ranger and viewing the wildlife. However, it is the most difficult to step into and out of.

Wear layers on
winter game drives

Evenings and early mornings are layered-sweater-cold, but days warm up to
short-sleeve temperatures.

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