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Top 10 rankings
Art Museums of the world

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Uffizi Gallery
British Museum
Vatican Museums
Museum of Modern Art
Museum d'Orsay

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Top 10 art museum

Louvre Museum

Paris, France

Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York, USA

British Museum

London, England

Vatican Museums

Vatican City


St Petersburg, Russia

Uffizi Gallery

Florence, Italy


Madrid, Spain

Museum of Modern Art

New York, USA

Museum d'Orsay

Paris, France

Borghese Gallery

Rome, Italy

Best Art Museums - runners up

Like the museums above, these are Hillman Wonder medal winners. The list includes:
Bargello (Florence, Italy)
Beaubourg (Paris, France)
Guggenheim (New York, USA & Bilbao, Spain)
India Museum (Kolkata, India)
Kunsthistorisches (Vienna, Austria)
National Gallery (London, England)
National Gallery (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Niteroi Contemporry (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Pinathek (Munich, Germany)
Shanghai (Shanghai, China)
St Mark (Florence, Italy)
St Marks (Venice, Italy)
and Tate Modern (London, England)

Other outstanding museums

These did not make the art museum lists because art per se is not their overriding focus. Non-art areas such as archeology, architecture, and science share or consume their spotlights. Examples include:
American - National History (New York, USA)
Anthropology (Mexico City, Mexico)
Deutsches (Munich)
Egyptian (Cairo, Egypt)
Imperial War (London, England)
National (Athens, Greece)
New Acropolis (Athens, Greece)
Pergamon (Berlin, Germany)
Smithsonian (Washington DC, US)
and Tokyo National (Tokyo, Japan).

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