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Dress code
for specific nights



Men: Slacks & open-color shirt (jacket optional). Women: Dressy sportswear


Men: Slacks & jacket (tie is optional). Women: Dress, pantsuit.


Men: Tuxedo (or dark suit with tie). Women: Evening gown, cocktail dress, elegant pantsuit.

Dress code
during the day

Both sexes: Casual "country club". Shore excursion attire can be even more casual.

What's included in the fare

Nearly everything is included in the fare:

Wines, spirits and champagnes
All tips
Onboard entertainment

Exceptions: Super-premium brands. Wines from the ship's private cellar. Dining in Le Champagne restaurant. Shore excursions. Internet. Other exceptions include humidor cigars, medical services, and spa treatments.

Special diets

Low-fat, low-carb, low-calorie as well as vegan and vegetarian dishes are on the menu or can be custom ordered (if the ingredients are available onboard). Guests with demanding diets should request them 60 days in advance. 




Avoid the Internet Cafe just before dinner. Ditto around the time when the ship arrives and departs a port (the operations staff consumes substantial bandwidth for ship-to-shore communications).


Sea days are the busiest. The opposite is true during shore-excursion hours.

Observation Lounge

It's often empty, making it a quiet retreat for curling up with a book.

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