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It's quick and easy to reach from Florida (that's important to parents because children prefer short plane rides). And, the Bahamas has the kid-friendly Atlantis Paradise Resort with its child-pleasing water slide and walk-inside aquarium. Read my Bahamas web page.

Jamaica and Puerto Rico.


St Maarten

This Dutch destination ranks high in gay tolerance and it has many gay nightspots. And classy St Barts is close enough to be a day trip. Read my St Maarten web page.

Puerto Rico and St Barts.


St Lucia

It has a well-developed tourism infrastructure specializing in catering to honeymooners. St Lucia is a beautiful island and has a wide choice of resorts. Read my St Lucia web page.

Jamaica (north coast).



Cancun's relatively low costs and the minimum-18 legal drinking age are key draws. Some Cancun clubs are party-to-dawn affairs and single mingling is popular. Read my Cancun Mexico web page.

Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and St Maarten.

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Top 10 Caribbean Islands

St Barts
St Lucia
British Virgin Islands
St Martin / St Maarten
Cayman Islands
Dominican Republic

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