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Best Caribbean Islands
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Best Caribbean Islands
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Puerto Rico

The casinos in Old San Juan and the nearby Condado section buzz with activity. And some of these hotel-resorts with casinos present glitzy Las Vegas style floor shows and famous singers. Read my Puerto Rico web page.


Classy Living

St Barts

No other island attracts more of the rich, famous, and powerful - and the main St Barts harbor teems with stylish yachts. Read my St Bart's web page.




This Caribbean island has several couples-only resorts. Some belong to the well-known chain named "Couples". Read my Jamaica web page.

US Virgin Islands (St John) and British Virgin Islands (Virgin Gorda).


St Martin

It has a French heritage and its fine dining shows it. The fresh local seafood is the culinary star. Read my St Martin web page.

Martinique, Puerto Rico (San Juan), and St Barts.

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