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Caribbean season
advantages and disadvantages

Peak Season

Numerous sunny days and significantly less rain. Social season in full swing.

Highest airline and resort prices. Flight and accommodation reservations go quickly - sometimes months in advance. Restaurants are packed.

Shoulder season

Less expensive and crowded than during the peak season. Easier to make airline and resort bookings. Some tourist-oriented stores have major sales.

Less likely to be blissfully sunny. Restaurants and nightspots less crowded, therefore has less vibrant social scene.

Low hurricane season

Even lower costs. Scant crowds (great if that's your priority).

Many restaurants, bars, and entertainment spots are partially empty, which negatively dampens the social ambiance. Some establishments curtail their hours or simply shutter their operations until December.

High hurricane season

Lowest prices and easiest-to-get-reservations of the year.

You're taking a big chance that a hurricane or major tropical storm won't ruin your vacation. And some tourist centers may seem like ghost towns.

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