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Both sizes have their advantages and disadvantages (though, overall, large wins). Click link below to learn why:

Large vs small cruise ship - pros & cons

About Galapagos
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There is no official Galapagos ship classification. I use the luxury, deluxe, first class, tourist superior class, and tourist class category system.

Be forewarned that many Galapagos cruise-agent websites loosely define the term "luxury", awarding that classification to numerous ships to boost sales.

Also be aware that many Galapagos cruise-agent websites list only the ships they represent. For example, the vast majority of cruise-agent websites do not list the top three luxury cruise ships (Celebrity Xpedition and the National Geographic's Endeavor and Islander). Reason: They are not official agents for those vessels. To take the place of those ships, some cruise agents add boats to the "luxury" category that most seasoned cruisers would rate "deluxe" or even "first class".

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Celebrity Xpedition



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