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Soul Food cuisine was created by Black slave woman cooks in the Old South. Its culinary roots are West African. Like other ethnic comfort foods in our world, Soul Food cuisine is hearty and filling - and evokes a satisfying emotional response to one's cultural heritage.

How many of these
famous Soul Food specialties
have you tried?

They are not the exclusive domain of Soul Food, but that cuisine has the most bragging rights to them.

Black-Eyed Peas

This legume is enriched with salt pork. When rice is mixed in, it becomes Hoppin' John, a traditional good-luck dish served on New Year's Day..

Candied Sweet Potatoes

A widely loved side dish. Sweet potatoes are similar to the West African yam


Boiled or fried hog intestines, often served with hot sauce.

Collard Greens

No Soul Food meal is complete without a side of simmered collard greens (or their alternatives, mustard and turnip greens).

Hush Puppies

Deep-fried corn fritters. So-named because cooks tossed a few to the dogs to keep them quiet.

Smothered Chicken

The meat is sautéed then cooked slowly with onions until the pan liquid appreciably thickens. It is then poured over the chicken, smothering it.

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