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Southwestern cuisine is a tasty fusion of Mexican, Spanish, and Native American culinary cultures. The area stretches from Arizona to Southwest Texas, with Santa Fe, New Mexico its creative heart.

Southwestern Cuisine
specialties Burrito to Flauta

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Rolled flour tortillas crammed with a meat or bean mixture.

Chauquehue Tortilla

Made with and tinted by the blue chauquehue corn.

Chili Con Carne

Chili-spiced ground or cubed beef served in a bowl. Aficionados ridicule versions containing beans.

Chili Relleno

Whole chili pepper stuffed with cheese, then battered and deep fried.


Deep-fried folded-and-sealed flour tortilla packed with meat.


Rolled corn tortilla with a meat filling. A batch is baked together, coated with a cheese-tomato sauce.


Sizzling sliced steak served with tortillas and garnishes


Crisp-fried tightly rolled corn tortilla stuffed with shredded meat or cheese. It's named for its flute shape.

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