New England cuisine

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New England cuisine

New England Clam Chowder

A thick, creamy soup lavished with minced clams, diced potatoes, and salt pork.

Boston Baked Beans

Navy beans are slowly baked for hours with molasses and salt pork.

Boston Brown Bread

Moist bread made originally with cornmeal. It is sweetened and heavily darkened with molasses. Boston Brown Bread is a customary accompaniment to Boston baked beans (see above).

Boston Cream Pie

It's a misnomer. Boston Cream Pie is a round layered cake, not a pie. It is liberally filled with custard and coated with chocolate icing.


After the soft-shell clams are steamed (hence the dish's name), you remove their flesh from the shells and dip these morsels, one by one, into melted butter.

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