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Southern cuisine is steep in tradition. Cooking, eating and gracious entertaining once played an intense part of the culture. In some restaurants and homes today, that lifestyle quality still thrives.

How many of these
Southern cuisine preparations
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Southern Fried Chicken

The quintessential Southern specialty. Chicken pieces are floured or battered, then fried or deep fried.

Pies and Cobblers

Southerners are gifted pie and cobbler bakers. Classic fillings include pecan, peach and sweet potato.


They are typically leavened with baking powder or, in the case of Beaten Biscuits, none at all (their lightness comes from repeated beating).

Country Ham

It is often fried and served with Red-Eye Gravy (named for the liquid disk that forms on the sauce). Virginia's Smithfield Ham, made from peanut-fed hogs, is the finest product.

Barbecued Ribs

Memphis, Tennessee is widely considered America's pork barbecue capital.

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